The Remembering 19/20 July 2013

Matthew Beal and Chase Binnie speak about moving into the new paradigm and letting go of old ways of being that no longer serve conscious growth. Topics include the holographic reality of mirrors, emotional integration, mental awareness, taking responsibility for free will, the OPPT and connecting with nature.

Join our hosts Matthew Beal, Darius Wright and Emilio Testa for “The Remembering”

– Unconditional Love
– Life as an Inside Job
– From Doing to Being
– Power of Focused Intention
– Developing Mental Awareness
– Neutral Observer Point of Witness
– Manifestation and the Creative Formula
– The Ego Personality
– New Paradigm Relationships
– Playing in Darkness, Returning Home
– The Matrix & Illusions
– 3D Fears
– Free Will & Self Sovereignty
– Freedom and Personal Responsibility
– Holding the Space of NOW
– Resonance and Dissonance
– Ascension; Shifts in Frequency
– OPPT and energy dynamics

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