The One People Visit to Aouchtam – A partnership with the People

Today we had the chance to visit what is going to be the site for our new location in Aouchtam Village. It is a small town huddled between 2 impressive hilltops centered around summer time busy season of tourists and visitors.

The Village

Heather Ann Tucci, one of the former Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust, met with Mustafa, a local figure in the larger Community of Morocco. Mustafa has a dream of helping the people improve their living standard and lives as a whole. Something we all share in common.


The people are warm and friendly here with a deep sense of interdependence. As we pulled up to the parking area, we were greeted by the local children gathering around their small school. Whitney shared her desire to have an art center with Mustafa and his eyes lit up.


The children here are yearning for creative expression and he finds joy in helping. Mustafa has been building a house in the hillside and is planning to make the lower floor of the house a recreation center for the children.

I can tell you there is definitely a genuine desire to help the people here and this is demonstrated well in Mustafa. While this may not impact people all over the world, it does reveal that people everywhere are truly ready to embrace change. And just like Michael Tellenger describes in his work, the shift to a Controbutionary Society will probably start with small gatherings of people working together as a whole to improve all their lives; which spreads like wildfire across the globe.


Front of the Café

We toured the Café where we plan to have a center for those gathering in Morocco to Be the change.

Inside the Café

This is one of the most beautiful Café’s I have ever seen, the tiling has deep geometric symbolism embedded into it.

There are housing accommodations located above the Café. Across the road there is a large 3 floor house partially able for housing which is buttressed against one of the many village gardens.

During the summer months, the village hosts a large influx of tourists and there is a gathering center able to provide for over 300 people; which they regularly use in the busy season.

3 Story House with Gathering Area to the righ

The House 

There were several locals at the house across the street and Heather was getting along like old friends with an older indigenous woman in traditional dress. We were shown an awe inspiring view of the land available to be developed, stretching beyond ridge-line of the hills (posted at the top).


I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to walk on the ground we are all here to help create with. There is so much potential here for the One People to express their highest joy which will then ripple out as each of us ground the new consciousness into ourselves.

Permaculture is an aspect to the development I am really excited about; one of a limitless realm of possibilities. Free Energy will be developed here in time as well, and there will be adequate space for that and much more. Everyday creations will be a big part of what we are doing here, boots on the ground work with the locals and the land.

Even though we could easily come into this area and dazzle the local people into an agreement, the desire everyone seems to share is a Co-creation with the local people. They are our family just as much as anyone else, and our intent is to ensure we are harmonizing instead of dominating the local culture.

Global Shift

I know as the world watches our efforts here in Morocco, more and more people will begin to take similar actions within their own spheres of influence; we have already seen evidence of this. The Call to Action is not dependent on where we are physically, but on what we are doing with that which is in front of us NOW. The physical work here of learning to live in harmony with nature again will help us dive deeper into the new way we all yearn for so much.

This shift will reach out beyond the serene valleys and cool seas Aouchtam to touch the lives of all whom see the need for change and want to act in step with what is soon to become our heaven on earth.

A Chance to Co-Create

There are spaces for others to create with us. We have a lot of work which can be done, things to create and items to purchase to help get things started.

Brian, Jorge, Julian and I are going to be going there again tomorrow to put down the deposit for the Café. We are also going to be making a detailed list of all the logistical opportunities we will have for co-creation. And be sharing those with everyone shortly.

We are doing it! We are BEing the Change we want to see in the world, and now more then ever, our actions have an impact. As Heather often says:

“When you know who you are and stand in your fullness, nothing can stop you!”

Stay Tuned!

– Justin
Here is the complete photo Album of the day. Thanks Julian!

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