5Dlmh_thLisa M Harrison
The Collective Imagination, The One People
Australian Web Host/Interviewer. To view Lisa’s interviews on Ascension, Spirituality, Natural Healing, Geo Politics, Black Projects, our secret history and many others please visit her website at
judy at 50Judy Jandora
In~Joy the Show
Judy is a change agent, transformational thought coach, mural and jewelry artist and more who continues the deep exploration of consciousness and human condition from a place of joyful expansion.
5D_GeriGeri Jones
The Spiral Journey
Poet and Animal advocate, Geri Jones, brings her infectious optimism and her poetic license to triangulate the discussion that include her experiences with animals and her own journey into physical and mental alignment with her limitless Joy.
BKBrian Kelly
The Collective Imagination, The One People, In`Joy the Show
Following a very powerful awakening in 2010, Brian has been on the ultimate quest for Truth. Also a Reiki Energy Healer and Spiritual Counselor, Brian is an advocate for change and believes in following your path by doing what you love in life. For the latest updates on world changes make sure to check out Brian Kelly’s blog and American Kabuki
5dcarmelleCarmelle Migliore
The Spiral Journey, The Transitioning
Numerologist and Esoteric Translator Carmelle Migliore, Joyfully brings forward her natural intuitive gifts and a lifetime of personal observations and studies in Mysticism, Spirituality, and Holistic Healing, in the descriptions and translations of the Numbers and cycles (in Time).
Julien 150x150Julien Wells
The Transitioning
Julien is a relatively new Red Pill taker taking a swan dive down the rabbit hole and blasting through miraculous experiences and journeys through consciousness, healing, ET’s, psychic awareness and the reality behind the veil hiding the truth of our reality.
5D_SherriSherri Wisdom
Elemental Evolution
Sherri practices Cellular Somatic Healing, Life Coaching and Health Nutrition. Sherri practices with understanding of Quantum Language and how it relates to the physical body holistically of mind, body, and spirit. She has been practicing ‘magic’, sacred geometry, energy fields and Astral projection since she was at the age of 10 . Sherri’s mind has always a beacon and transmitter, opening her to all that is called life and the Universe. Sherri’s background while in college has been studying Behavioral Science and Criminal Justice in emphasis on International Law. Sherri is a certified Cellular Somatic life coach.
5D_LindaLinda Wojcik
The Spiral Journey
Nutritional Kinesiologist and Spiritual Intuitive, Linda Wojcik, has been working with vibrational frequencies for more than 30 years in private consultations and workshops. Linda assists with emotional balancing and spiritual growth using the subtle energies of vibrational medicines including flower essences and homeopathic remedies. She is the author of – “Joshua’s Lessons- Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World”.
5D_O_BobBob Wright
The Collective Imagination, The One People, The Transitioning
A Metaphysician a Spiritual Teacher and seeker of truth with over 30 years of serious spiritual study on a wide variety of spiritual disciplines and consciousness sciences and philosophies.
5D_dariusDarius Wright
The Remembering
People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in such chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used. My hole life I have spent learning to walk in the path of love and light and I wish to bring peace to the world. I wish to create a better world not fix the one we have now because our system has gone off the tracks and I, and many others, are here to show the path that was forgotten. Thank you, I send love and light to all


5D_scottScott Bartle
The Re-Purposing
Scott’s interaction with Australian Customs over the important of a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette prompted Scott to produce the documentary What The FUQ – Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government”. Since then, Scott has dedicated countless hours to researching the how the government has been replaced by corporations masquerading as government. His research led him to explore banking and the fraud involved in “loans”.
5D_matthewBMatthew Beal
The Remembering
Canadian On-Air Talent; Earth School Student & Teacher; Galactic Explorer, Dedicated in service to the Law of One, and So it IS!!
5D_BethCrawmerBethany Crawmer
Elemental Evolution
Bethany has been practicing Pranic Healing since 2011, and is a natural energy healer. Bethany has assisted patients with their soul transition while working as a Nursing Assistant. She has spent over 4 years in the mainstream health field, during which she performed energy healing for her patients. She commits herself in assisting her clients’ transition from the old paradigm into the new. She stands for freedom, friendship, and living with a free spirit. Bethany’s intuitive and empathetic abilities grow stronger as she works with humanity’s collective energy.
chrisChris Hales
The Collective Imagination, The One People, The Re-Purposing
Chris has been on a short-sharp, fast-track, truth-seeking rollercoaster ride since 2009. His determination to share the whole spectrum of concepts of this movement with the whole planet is only exceeded by his desire that the coming paradigm shift into abundance is peaceful, rapid, complete and serves The One People in perpetuity.
barbaraBarbara Karnes
Cool Coincidence
Am I a functioning psychotic? Maybe. Yet, I can’t deny or ignore the experiences that find me, and introduce themselves in the most amazing and clever ways.
5D_anwAndrew Norton Webber
Distilled Waters
Researcher of health issues, natural living and natural cures.
Compiler of ancient and modern knowledge on the healing properties of pure waters.
Founder of
5D_emilioEmilio Testa
The Remembering
Join Emilio Testa for The Remembering – understanding how powerful your thoughts are, projecting and manifesting whatever reality you wish