(How to reconcile Ben’s Data with the Greater Story of Gaia by Justin) Benjamin Fulford – March 17, 2014: Cabal backs down after threat of blockade of cabal controlled countries

Ben’s Updates read like Soap Opera tabloids some times. For me its clear, and has been for some time, that his data is probably part of a spin campaign issued by the Powers that Were. Comparing this data with a vast buffet of other data – an omnivorous approach – will allow you to build your own intrinsic picture of whats happening; as I have been doing for some time.Let me share some of the insights I have with regard to the fall of the cabal and Ben’s work in relation to the awakening of humanity. Wile Ben does report on things that could be happening, what his data is absolutely revealing is the level of interest people have in the hidden affairs of the planet. An awareness has been building for years, and Ben’s popularity demonstrates that.

What I see consistently within Ben’s work is the theme of “the elites are trying to show they are interested in helping humanity Now”; but there is an obvious tone to it which also conveys their desire to be the overloads of humanity; a form of ‘better slavery.’

What is the basis for this conclusion? The greater context of the present struggle of humanity is Sovereignty or breaking away from the ‘incompetent state of consciousness’ we all collectively express in relation to our greater place in the universe. This is clearly demonstrated in movies, tv and popular fiction. But even more so in the legal/lawful tapestries which have been woven throughout history; from Sumer on down to the United States of America, all are federal states managing slave plantations of unawakened and uninitiated masses.  For example, the Corporate Governments, Nation States, and Religious Organizations the world over, all have one consistent theme or thread, that they know better, and they administer to those who do not. 

“it is a law of the divinity that the lowest things reach the highest place by intermediaries.”

  – Papal Bull Unam Sanctum, Pope Boniface VIII November 18, 1302

The basis of this Trust or Estate Relationship is your willingness to give up your creative powers over your life to another, intellectually and intuitively; mind, body and soul. Why understand how things work in your life when someone else is so willing to do it for you? The cost of this arrangement is your eventual regression to a state of incompetence to run or manage your own affairs. This is the basis of their position, they consider themselves the ones who DO have the Competence to manage your life.

Now consider a statement like this from Ben’s post in January of 2014: 

The United States Government headed by Obama has also not responded to a formal offer of $700 trillion for use in financing a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.


The tone here is that of a sales campaign in my view. It feels good to think of the cabal turning the other cheek or trying to work for humanity instead of against it (the Asian Dragon Families in this case), BUT if that means we have no personal involvement in the process – are not educated to their supposed ‘level of competency’ – then what they are pushing is just a softer form of mental control and enslavement.
In conclusion, the data Ben offers provides evidence about the level of consciousness our would-be masters are in; what they are trying to sell to us. And their game of “let us run your life for you” has been the struggle of humanity going back at least 10,000 years. Maybe there will come a time when the Powers that Were decide to change their tune, actually teach us to fish. Until then, we would be wise to keep promises of good intent grounded against the greater backdrop of our struggle on earth. And ensure we are taking in data from an eclectic array of sources to ground it deep within.
– Justin

Source – Hipknowsys

The high level brinkmanship surrounding the imminent collapse of the petro-dollar and the cabal behind it reached new levels in the past week, culminating with a BRICS ultimatum that “Oil, gas, food and other resources would cease being imported into both the US and NATO,” unless they backed off on their Ukraine offensive, according to a Russian government source.
There were also threats made to shut down the US electricity grid with an Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon, as reported by Dick Cheney, or direct attacks on vulnerable parts of the grid, threatened by militia forces, unless the cabal backs down.

The cabal controlled military elements counter-acted with threats to release bio-weapons, shut down world air-traffic and otherwise cause trouble.

At that point, to prevent a spiral that would knock civilization out of kilter, cooler heads prevailed and attempts to reach a compromise over control of the petro-dollar and Euro systems are now being made, according to sources directly involved in the negotiations.

The rapidly evolving situation in the Ukraine, the threat of war on Qatar by Saudi Arabia as well as the vanished Malaysian airliner, as well as many other incidents, are all linked to these negotiations, multiple sources agree.

In the case of the Ukraine, a United Nations Approved international treaty signed by Russia, the US and NATO stipulates that if any country violates the sovereignty of the Ukraine, then UN member countries are obliged to cease all trade with the violating countries. Since the Russians have incontrovertible evidence the legitimate Ukrainan government was overthrown by mercenaries financed by the privately owned Federal Reserve Board, their United States of America Corporation subsidiary and NATO members, all of these countries would be subject to a total trade embargo.

The attempts by the cabal controlled media and cabal slave governments to brand Russia as the aggressor in this situation are not fooling anybody.

In any case, even as the cabal controlled corporate propaganda media tries to distract everybody with lies over the situation in the Ukraine, as well as speculating endlessly about the missing Malaysian airliner, they are totally ignoring the defection from the cabal by the Gulf oil countries led by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other gulf countries are threatening to cut off all trade with Qatar and possibly declare war unless that country shuts down Al Jazeera and kicks out cabal fronts like the Rand Corporation and the Brookings Institute. The only major Western corporate media outlet to report this huge development, as far as this writer can tell, has been Agence France Press or AFP.

The Rand Corporation is the same bunch of psychopaths who proposed a “war with a medium sized country like Japan or Brazil” as a way to revive the US economy. The earthquake that hit Christchurch New Zealand several years ago came immediately after Thad Allen of the Rand Corporation and about a dozen congressmen asked for the South Island of New Zealand to be used as a home for 1 million Satanic cabal members and were turned down. Qatar is also where the cabal bases many of its murder by drone operations.

The Saudi move came during the visit to China last week by the Saudi crown prince and means that the cabal can now be cut off access to both Russian and Middle Eastern oil. That is why the United States opened its’ strategic oil reserves last week. These reserves can keep the US going at current consumption rates without oil imports for 58 days.

The other very telling sign that it is not business as usual for the cabal is the refusal of the UK government to participate in any form of sanctions against Russia. The Germans are also ruling out sanctions even as they stamp their feet and make a bit of noise.

The Russians, for their part, have already evacuated their funds from cabal controlled financial institutions. In addition to this, they are kicking cabal linked businessmen out of Russia and confiscating their assets.

The Chinese, for their part, allowed the Renminbi to fall more than 1% on Monday in a signal to the cabal that they will not tolerate a unilateral attempt by them to devalue the US dollar.

This means that the Federal Reserve Board regime in Washington D.C. and their sister institution the European Central Bank are now being isolated from the global community.

The talk by the cabal side about offering IMF funding to the Ukraine is meaningless because the IMF has no money. Ditto the revived talk about reviving Special Drawing Rights as an alternative to the US dollar.

Obviously nobody is going to accept any such role for the IMF unless voting rights are redrawn in line with global economic and demographic reality. In other words, unless the Europeans and Americans lose the control they now have of over 50% of the votes in that institution as well as in the World Bank.

The same is true of the United Nations. If they lose that majority control they will no longer be able to fund many of their secret projects and mercenary armies.

The cabalists are terrified of losing that control because it means a loss of power over the world. If they lose that power, it is only a matter of time before their eugenics and depopulation agenda will be fully exposed. A lot of people will be filled with murderous rage as they hear about the unfathomable cabal crimes, such as mass sterilization through vaccine, the systematic kidnapping and sexual enslavement of children etc.

The situation still remains tense and there is a possibility of something more dramatic than we have seen recently, including 911 and 311, taking place soon. The biggest worry has been the sudden resumption of earthquakes around El Hierro in the Canary Islands.


There is a very real danger that if the La Palma rock formation in the Canary islands falls into the ocean that a 100 meter tall tsunami would hit the East Coast of the United States and Southern Europe. Hopefully no such event will occur but it is a real possibility.

On a more positive note, many reports have been coming in of free energy devices being sold including this one from Brazil:


Also, the mysterious source that recently warned this writer in advance of upcoming turmoil in Eastern Europe and of a planned attack on China (the Malaysian airliner disappearance) has contacted this writer to inform him that: “The UN confirmed this morning that we have just entered the Age of Aquarius in the Heavens and Virgo on Earth.”

Hopefully this rather esoteric message means the cabal is ready to surrender and work towards the start of a Golden Age. That is something we can all agree on.


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