How to manifest anything you want in life? The ultimate guide

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If you want to learn how to manifest anything into your life, sit back, relax and let the follow words guide you.

What does it mean to manifest something? In her book Manifest Now, inspirational influencer Idil Ahmed defines manifestation as:

“…the ability to attract, create and turn any vision you have into reality”.

You might think this sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that we all have the power to bring into being whatever we want.

Another word for “manifest” is “visible”, so to manifest is simply to make something visible. Whatever it is you imagine or envision in your mind, be it perfect health, manifest money and financial freedom, a life partner, your dream job or ideal home, you can make it appear. You first see it in your mind’s eye, and then you make it exist. You manifest it.

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The idea behind manifesting is that you don’t have to rely on anyone else to deliver what you want. You don’t have to wait for a new drug, to win the lottery, for the perfect partner to arrive on your doorstep or for your ideal employer to headhunt you. You don’t have to rely on anyone or anything outside of you to make things happen. All the power lies within you.

You are capable of creating everything you want in life, simply by imagining and believing in it. You don’t have to outdo anyone, scramble or struggle to get what you desire. Manifesting is about receiving what is meant for you, without painful effort or luck.

It only takes a little practice, and faith, which will build up over time, just like any other skill. Here’s how to strengthen your manifesting muscles in five simple steps:

How to manifest in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Believe what you want is possible

We’ve all heard that critical voice in our head telling us that what we want isn’t possible. There is a simple fact about that voice which may be life-altering if you don’t already know it: That voice is not you. It is not the truth! As loudly as it screams at you, you don’t have to obey to it.

The difference between you and the person who has what you want – be it the lover, money, job or lifestyle – is not that they are luckier, or more talented, or cheating. It is because they believed they could have what they wanted, and they did not let the voice in their head stop them.

That voice that says what we want to achieve is asking too much, that we don’t deserve the things we desire, that we’ll never be good enough, is really fear speaking. And the way to deal with fear is not to try to get rid of it, but to act in spite of it.

Which takes courage. But luckily we are not in this alone. We are part of a greater force, an energy field, higher power or Source – whatever you prefer to call it. This invisible energy is constantly available for us to use, and gives us the ability to shape and design our lives. When we choose to partner up with this Source, anything and everything becomes possible.

Step 2: Set a daily intention and vision

This is something you can spend a few minutes doing each morning. On waking up, affirm to yourself that you are going to experience something amazing today.

Think about how you want to feel throughout the day. See yourself in a good mood, having fulfilling interactions, making meaningful connections, finishing difficult tasks, solving problems and having exciting new experiences.

Form a picture in your mind of the things you want to see and experience. Imagine and start to feel emotions of lightness and joy and experience sensations of ease, satisfaction, inspiration and excitement in your body.

Then, in a journal, write down your three main desires for the day. You can include one longer-term vision, too. This will most likely be aligned with your values and purpose in life. Next, invite Source to team up with you and help you with this vision.

In Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life, Agapi Stassinopoulos writes:

“Let your vision be aligned with and anchored in your purpose. As you continue to bring it close, trust that the universe will eventually match you and you will know the power of becoming a master manifestor.”

Sometimes when you’re not getting what you want, it might be because this desire was not in line with your purpose, and was more of a materialistic goal. When what you want to manifest is line with your purpose, this is when miracles start to happen.

Step 3: Charge your vision with inspired energy

To make something happen, we need momentum. This is something I learned from motivational expert Tony Robbins, and which changed my life. No matter how doubtful, stuck or incapable you feel of making anything happen, listening to Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power is guaranteed to shift you out of the even stubbornest doubt or debilitating apathy. According to Robbins, the most fundamental shift we can make is to change our state. We can’t make any kind of change if we are in a state of low energy. In that state, we can recite all the positive affirmations we know, knuckle down and put in our best effort, but the results will be limited if we haven’t first primed ourselves and got ourselves into a state where our energy is elevated enough that we are able to believe what we are saying or doing, to feel it in our body and not just think it as a rational concept. Robbins especially recommends movement, preferably first thing in the morning, or taking a very cold bath or shower. He also talks about doing gratitude practices. Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways of shifting your frequency. It is impossible to feel grateful and afraid, upset or angry at the same time. In her book Thank & Grow Rich: A 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude  and Unabashed Joy, Pam Grout writes about how until we can get on the frequency of gratitude, our connection to Source remains blocked.
“We’ve clogged up the connection by giving the floor to our inner anxieties, our fears, our time-sucking melodramas … [We need] to rewire our nervous system, rewrite old habits, and literally change the chemistry of our brain.”
And one of the most effective ways to do this is through gratitude. We are so aware of all the things that are going wrong in our lives, the problems we need to solve, the things we need to check off our lists, all of which runs through our minds like newsfeeds. But when we take a moment to stop and notice some of the many things that are going right in our lives, this running commentary starts to fade and we finally have the airspace to begin to see what is there: “the incredible gift we’ve been given, to be here on planet Earth, to have this day, to enjoy this cosmic adventure”. We start to see “our profound transformative connection to the field of infinite potentiality”.

Step 4: Experience your vision

You don’t need to wait for your dream to materialise. You can start to experience it right now by taking action. To imagine means to image in, or to bring closer. There is always something you can do to bring your desire closer, to make it feel as real as possible. For example if your dream is to live in a certain part of the city, go there. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and imagine how it would feel to live there, to read a book in the park you pass by or have coffee at the café next to it. You could take some photos or journal about the experience. In Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, Tosha Silver tells a story about a time when she needed to find a new apartment, following a period of three years spent suffering from a rare health condition which had left her bedridden, barely able to work, living on a mat on the floor of a small dark room, and with almost no funds. With her health returning, Tosha longed for a real home, despite the “astronomical San Francisco housing market”. On a walk one day she saw a sign, “Penthouse for Rent”. She knew she could not afford it, but when a man standing outside asked her if she wanted to come up and take a look, she agreed, laughing, “You never know.” Inside she found an incredible space with floor-to-ceiling views of the Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful wooden floors. Certain it had to be way out of her price range, she told the man she didn’t dare ask what it cost. To which he asked what she was paying for her current apartment. He then said she could have the penthouse for just two hundred dollars more than the rent of her tiny room. He told her that he’d grown up in Syria, and had learned from a young age to read someone’s character on the spot. He knew as soon as he saw Tosha that he could trust her, that she had been through a hard time, and that she wanted to live there. She could have listened to everyone who told her she was being unrealistic looking for a home in San Francisco. She could have refused to go upstairs and look.
But it is often when you step into experiencing the thing you want, even if your small mind thinks you can’t have it, that it will come.
I tried this years ago when I wanted to go to Russia. I had never travelled abroad before, didn’t have money for a ticket or accommodation, could not speak Russian. Nevertheless I created a collage on the cork board above my desk with photos of Russia, found some old cassettes at a second-hand store and started learning the language. Soon after that I received some unexpected funds, and I was off on a trip that profoundly altered the course of my life. A few years later, after hearing Wayne Dyer talking about how he would design the cover of every book he wrote, print it out and keep it on his desk as he wrote, I did the same for a story I submitted to an anthology, which became my first published piece.

Step 5: Have patience and trust in your vision

Don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen straight away. Manifesting is not so much about gaining and achieving as it is about getting into alignment. You may need to train a little, practice raising your frequency and adjusting your thinking until it becomes automatic. Manifesting is like being healthy – ideally it should be a lifelong practice rather than something you try once or twice. If you stop for a few days, you can quickly fall out of practice, but the longer you keep at it the easier it is to pick up again. One great way to build trust in your ability to manifest is to get evidence! This is what Pam Grout teaches in her book E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. In it she talks about the energetic field that is available to everyone and which gives us the ability to shape our lives. She provides a series of easy, practical, free experiments you can do right now, which will demonstrate, with proof, that you can manifest whatever you want. The experiments give you the opportunity to witness through experience how your thoughts create reality ,to observe this happen in your daily life. The more you do this, the more you will be released from doubt and grow in conviction that every thought affects physical reality. I gave one of the experiments a try, asking to see a black feather manifest within 48 hours. That day, I went for a walk and saw two black crows on a telephone pole, but I didn’t feel satisfied. I wanted to see a clearly formed, separate feather. The next day, on the way to the shop, I scanned the road for feathers. Doubt began to creep in. The critical voice in my head told me I was forcing things, that if anyone looked hard enough they would probably find a feather. Then I saw a stone statue of a crane, with the feathers clearly outlined. But were they black, or dark grey? Still I didn’t feel quite convinced. Later, sitting at my desk I noticed it was a few minutes till 12 p.m. and the 48-hour cut-off. I thought I would give it one last chance, and walked over to the window, kneeling on my bed to look outside. It was drizzling that day, and I looked out at the grey sky and damp trees. I saw a lot of leaves and clouds, but no feathers. I felt disappointment wash over me. Well, it hadn’t worked. Or maybe I had been too demanding, and the crows and crane were evidence enough. But the Universe wasn’t ready to give up on me just yet. As I moved away from the bed, I looked down and saw my bedspread … covered in black feathers. They’d been there all along.

Books and resources on how to manifest:

When it comes to mastering any skill, learning the concept is only part of it. The rest is practice and maintenance. Especially with manifestation, it’s not about what you know, but what you feel.

To stay inspired and motivated, I recommend keeping a journal in which you list your daily intentions, the things you are grateful for (preferably something new each day) and the things you have manifested. Read over this journal once a month to remind yourself of what you have achieved, and what you have. It can be so easy to move straight to the next thing without pausing to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished.

I also recommend listening to podcasts like Manifestation Babe or Woke and Wired, and reading books about manifesting or the law of attraction.