How to manifest money? Follow These 7 Money-Magnetic Secrets

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Want to learn how to manifest money into your life? Then you’re in the right place.

Ever wondered why some people seems to attract money like a magnet, swim in cash and can easily afford whatever they want? While others, maybe you, struggle to get by?

In this article, how to manifest money, you’ll lean that truly anyone can be wealthy, and there is more than enough money out there for everyone who wants it.

I’ve never been good with money. For most of my life, I believed this was a weakness on my part. If only I was better at budgeting and saving. Maybe if I worked harder, changed careers, did a course in finances, spent more wisely, I’d be wealthier.

The belief at the back of my mind was that having grown up poor, I just wasn’t meant to be rich. Wealth was for other people with high-paid jobs, trust funds, or better luck than me.

Somewhere along the way, I began to convince myself I didn’t really need or want money.

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What I have since come to realise is that absolutely anyone can be wealthy, and there is more than enough money out there for everyone who wants it. 

Also, it is not so much about hard work, fortune or a prestigious position as it is about one common wisdom repeated by financial and spiritual gurus alike. Which is that the key on how to manifest money is to change your relationship with it.

Here’s how to manifest money:

1. Examine your beliefs about money

Would you like to have more money? Would you be happy if someone offered you a million dollars, no strings attached? Most likely you answered yes to both questions. So it can be surprising to find out how you really feel about money.

Try doing a brain dump:

Write down all the words, ideas and phrases that come to mind when you hear the word “money”. Think about things you remember your parents saying, like “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

What about your friends and money? Are they broke or wealthy? Modest or boastful and competitive? How about people in your industry, or the media? How influenced are you by ideas that artists are suffering and underpaid, or lawyers corrupt and rich?

What are your beliefs about people with a lot of money? What kind of person do you think you need to be to earn a lot?

See what comes up. You might find more negative statements in there than you expected. Perhaps you view amassing money as greedy or unjust, or you think it requires being corrupt or selfish to get it. Maybe you believe it takes exceptional talent or excessive effort to make money.

Start exploring these ideas and think about where they might come from.

Are they really your thoughts, or the influence of people around you?

Are they all true, or can you think of examples to the contrary? Can you think of artists who are wealthy and successful? Or wealthy people who don’t work 16-hour days, or evade paying tax?

Can you see how your beliefs have been limiting you, and start to let go of them?

Some of these beliefs are deeply entrenched and may need to be released through work that engages the subconscious, such as dialoguing with your inner child, cord-cutting exercises or hypnotherapy. Often it’s the beliefs you’ve absorbed and internalized as a young child, from your father or mother, that are holding you back.

As you read on, I hope you will start to see how many of these ideas aren’t true.

2. Stop playing small

There is a popular quote from Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love about fearing success:

A return to love
A return to love

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Your playing small does not serve the world. … We are all meant to shine … We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.”

Many people have spoken about their experience with receiving large sums of money, and how this made them feel uneasy or fraudulent, as if they had cheated and would soon get caught.

Ask yourself: If someone were to give you a million dollars for one day’s work at your current job, would you believe you deserved it? Shock aside, would you feel guilty, afraid it was too good to be true? These are beliefs which can prevent you from getting money, or from holding on to what you receive.

This is why so many people who win the lottery end up broke or declaring bankruptcy: because they think they don’t deserve it.

3. It’s not your money

It's not your moneyThis might sound strange, but this idea, which I learned from Tosha Silver’s book It’s Not Your Money: How to Live Fully from Divine Abundance, has changed my life. Money is energy. Which is limitless, and everywhere. It belongs to no one. It comes and goes. Though we may possess it, we are not the Source of money. Rather, we are vessels through which it flows. When we know this, it can be a great relief. Money is not an exclusive substance which only the fortunate few are able to generate. It is a currency or frequency which keeps flowing, and we are its containers and purveyors. We only have to be open to let it flow through us.

4. Money is limitless and abundant

There are always people making money in the worst of times and under the most impossible circumstances. Invariably this is due to their implicit belief in the existence of abundance.

We only need to look to nature to know the truth of this. In the words of poet Mary Oliver:

I am scorched
to realize once again
how many small
are in this world
that aren’t pieces of gold
or power – that nobody owns
or could buy even
for a hillside of money –
that just
float about the world.

Or, as Rumi advises: “An endless fountain of milk is within you: Why are you seeking milk with a pail?”

Believing that there isn’t enough for everyone, that if others are rich you can’t be too, is lack mentality.

The Universe is an infinitely abundant storehouse, and we are all part of the Universe. This means we all have access to universal abundance – once we are aligned with it.

In The Jewel of Abundance Ellen Grace O’Brien writes:

“Individual prosperity cannot be separated from the good of all.”

We are all connected to each other, and the Universe. Yet we have become disconnected, thinking we can only reach out to others when we are perfectly secure, afraid that we don’t have enough to spare or share.

We need to reconnect with this sense of wholeness. And the best way to do this is to start from the point of completion, of knowing we already have all we need in this moment, or, if this is hard to accept at first, the potential within us to be a match for all we desire.

When we make ourselves a match for wealth, we begin to attract it, just like a person in love finds themselves attractive to everyone they meet. By aligning with love and abundance, you become a magnet for these energies.

5. Give to get

You’ve probably heard about the concept of tithing – giving away ten percent of your salary, or offering in order to receive. When we truly believe in infinite abundance and that Source is always providing for us, we feel safe to give. And the more we give, the more space we make for prosperity to come in.

We need to clear out to allow abundance to flow.

We can do this very literally by cleaning out clutter, giving away the things we don’t need. Try it and see what happens! You can make this into a test: after doing some clearing out, ask to receive an unmistakeable gift in 24 hours. I’ve done this a few times and always received something. In this way you start to build trust in your ability to manifest and, more importantly, in Source to provide.

6. Know your values

An important question to ask when it comes to manifesting money is why you want it. What do you need it for? To do this, start by brainstorming and discerning your top five values. There must be a reason you want money. And the more this reason is connected to your values and purpose in life, the more easily it will arrive.

When you are clear on your goal and vision, and open to abundance, whatever is needed will begin to come to you. Whereas if you have only a vague idea that you would like to be rich, the universe won’t know where or how to direct its resources.

We need defined goals. This is how we meet the universe halfway, by suggesting to it what we want – not only to get rich, but perhaps to have enough money to be able to do what we love, or to help others. Being clear on your reason makes it easier for the universe to provide what you need.

7. Trust and surrender

As you start to live from these new beliefs, miracles will happen. The Game of Life and how to play itIn The Game of Life and How to Play It Florence Scovell Shinn tells a true story of a man who came to her one evening, desperate, wanting to know how to manifest money in 24 hours. Specifically he needed to raise $50,000 to save his business. The bank had refused to give him a loan, and he’d run out of ideas. She told him to return to the bank, that all he needed was to trust and let Divine do its work. He should walk in there knowing he was aligned with Source and connected to everyone in the bank. Though he believed it was impossible – the next day was Saturday so the bank closed at 12 and his train would arrive just before closing time – he went. After calmly declaring “I’ve come for the loan” it was given to him with no questions. He never doubted Source again. When you believe in limitless abundance and are open to receiving it, you can start to test your trust. This year (2020) has provided plenty opportunities for that! After training as a yoga teacher, a friend of mine recently moved to a new town. She had no students, no studio, and no income. However when she came across some beautiful yoga mats online, she knew she had to have them, even though they would bring her balance close to zero. After making the purchase, she laughingly told someone she met in town that day about what she’d done. The woman’s response was that she owned a studio, which my friend was welcome to use for free, and a week later she found herself teaching in a beautiful sunny space, the perfect size for her five new yoga mats and students. I was tested this year, too. Despite having read all the books I’ve mentioned above, and thinking I had finally come to a place of surrender and trust in Divine abundance, I found myself battling to find a new a job and, as I watched my savings dwindle, scrambling to figure out how to manifest money fast. Anxiety set in, and the old limiting beliefs returned. I knew this was when I really needed to put my new beliefs to the test. I was clear on what I wanted to manifest; what was lacking was trust. My stubborn mind was still not willing to relinquish its false sense of control, and so it kept offering me very reasonable-sounding arguments as to why what I was looking for was unrealistic, non-existent or impossible. Old phrases like “Beggars can’t be choosers.”
Finally, at my wit’s end, I let go. I had tried my best, put in the work. I knew that as soon as I was back in alignment with Source, it would bring me what I needed. And, I did not have to know exactly what that would look like. I couldn’t know.
So I stopped spending all day searching job sites or trying to figure out what to do. And one day later, after months of frustration, the perfect opportunity arrived. A job that paid well and allowed me time to write. It was also unlike any of the jobs I’d assumed I would have to take. It was a job I literally did not know existed. So here once again was evidence that when you put in the effort, align with Source, and then let go, the universe will always manifest what you need – even if at first it seems to be doing the opposite, throws you curve balls and tests your faith to the limit. As soon as you let go and trust, whatever you want and need will come.

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