5d_chasebinnieChase Binnie
Since his birth, Chase has been exploring the infinite worlds. Light, sound, crystals, water, and now the human world. What is the connection between all that exists? Chase knows the answer, but it’s so 5D, it’s like really hard to explain.
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5D_jd_thJustin Deschamps
The writer and editor of Stillness in the Storm Blog, a venue where data he and others come across can be shared with the outside world with the goal of enlightening and INpowering. Justin attempts to bring the data into perspective within differing spheres of analysis, heart space, personal, external, universal, physical, spiritual, etc. The processes is holistic, always attempting to unify with the All. Justin has a background in Physical Sciences and is passionate about Health for the physical body, mind and spirit
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5Dlmh_thLisa Harrison
As the founder of 5D Media Network, Lisa’s aim is to share the evidence she finds that the world is changing NOW. She believes a new and wonderful paradigm is upon us, if you know where to look.
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5D_barb_newsBarbara Karnes
Barbara is a labyrinth, infatuated with the everything in nothingness. Her interest in the energetic flow of the holographic paradigm takes us where only her imagination can. As a 5D contributor, you’ll find Barbara’s humor fresh, her perspective unique, and her abstract expression one that gives pause to look closer, reach further.
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qmarkaTom J. Harris
Tom found his way into the spiritual world during his, as some would call it, mid-life crisis. While he enjoys working as a car mechanic during the day, and writing expert articles for popular battery reconditioning websites at night, he also searched for something that was more than just work, eat, sleep, repeat.
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