Cool Coincidence 4/5 July 2013

Holographic Reality & Synchronicity. You’ll hear audio clips, articles passages and web site references that arrived on my virtual doorstep this week in synchronistic support by the Universe of my intent to discuss this concept on the show.

Here at Cool Coincidence, we like our synchronicity served with a side of awe and humor. For reasons I can only attribute to regular meditation, continuing education in the areas of spirituality, awareness and energy, and a possible shove from a dear relative who passed in the early summer of 2009, I experience really cool coincidence with ornate frequency.

Am I a functioning psychotic? Maybe. Yet, I can’t ignore the experiences that find me, and introduce themselves in the most amazing and clever ways. So, pull up a chair and enjoy a regular plateful. It’s good for the soul. And, join me each Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., EST US for 15 quick minutes of pure poetry on Cool Coincidence Radio on the 5D Media Network.




Hologram Theory Answers Why We Have Coincidences And Synchronicity, Mike Perry

A Holographic View of Reality, David S. Walonick, Ph.D.


Lilou Mace Interviews Anthony Peake
“Deja Vu, Immortality & Guardian angel – Anthony Peake”

Clip 1: Holographic Thought

Clip 2: The Universe Inside Us

Russell Brand & Daniel Pinchbeck
“‪Russell Brand talks about psychedelic experiences and backyard revolution‬


Clip 1: People Encoded

(OMG – I LOVE it when, @ 4:23 Russell says, “…luminous, phosphorescent, vacuity that succeeds there – like sort of a glowing, treasured orbs of emptiness.”)

Clip 2: Holographic Collective Healing

Michael Talbot interviewed by Jeffrey Mishlove on “Thinking Allowed”
“Michael Talbot ‘Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe’ Thinking Allowed”

Clip 1: The Aquarium Metaphor (for a Holographic Reality)

Clip 2: Holographic Model & Thought

Clip 3: Holographic Reality & Synchronicity

Reality Sandwich – David Pinchbeck’s site

Photo Credit (of holographic thought in BTR slideshow)


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